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Member(s) of Government responsible for this response

Sven Gatz
Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Finance, Budget, Civil service and the Promotion of multilingualism and the Image of Brussels


We support this proposal, or parts of it,
but we cannot implement it.


Brussels is becoming increasingly multilingual and English is the second most spoken language in Brussels. It is impossible to imagine the people of Brussels not using English. It is a language spoken by a lot of people settling in Brussels. If Brussels wants to be a hospitable region that warmly embraces newcomers, thorough thought needs to be given to the position of English as a welcoming language for newcomers in their first contacts with public services. Multilingualism is the cement of Brussels society. And we should continue to embrace this diversity

In a number of municipalities (e.g. Schaerbeek), it is already possible to obtain certain services in English.

However, to introduce English as a full-fledged official language, an amendment to the language law needs to be implemented. This is a competence of the federal government.