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Members of the regional government reply to the manifesto proposals

It is an exciting day for the international communities of Brussels, with news that the regional Government has formally acknowledged the first Manifesto of the International Brusseler and its 22 policy proposals. Even better, many of the Ministers and State Secretaries are personally replying to the proposals within their respective areas of responsibility!

After publishing and presenting the manifesto last year, we asked the Government to respond to the proposals. The decision was taken that the Government would formally acknowledge receipt of the manifesto as a whole, then allow individual Ministers and State Secretaries to respond to the propoals that touch on their own portfolios.

We asked therefore asked the Members of the Government which ideas they could implement, which are in line with existing policies and which they are not able to work on. Those who replied came back with detailed and thoughtful responses, which are now online in English, French and Dutch. Visit the manifesto page to find out what the Members of the regional Government really think about your ideas!


A meaningful response from policymakers is a vital part of any consultation or participative democracy process, so we are delighted to share these responses with those who joined the journey so far. The answers will also feed into our reflections in Brussels Voice 23 when the workshops kick off in September.